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Difference between actual UTM and exported CSV file UTM list in excel sheet.

Dear Sir

             I am enclosing some screen shots of my working. When i exports  my KML And CSV files to open . KML points goes correct on Google Earth.CSV file opens in Excel sheet The UTM list dose`nt matche with UTMs of my Datum Zone (43R) .When i converts them into Lat Long (D M S.S) format,

              Pl. look this problem and guide me'

                                                             Thanks & regards


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No solution shown.

I guess that this is some misunderstanding in used Coordinate system (CRS). It seems that the Sirohi1138.csv is exported in EPSG:7774 (not in UTM). In case that you want to export CSV in UTM 43 zone, please set CRS EPGS 32643 in the export dialog

I'd suggest to also change the project CRS to EPSG:32643 (in case you want to work with UTM Coordinates)

Thank you


Thanks for quick response.


have you solved your issue, please? 

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