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Locus crashing when adding attributes to layers

Using locus for mobile version 15.0, most features seem to work but cannot add attributes to layer.  App crashes each time on attempt.  This renders the feature useless as I cannot therefore create new layers that contain the information I need to capture.

Any fix?


I'm sorry for troubles and thank you for the report. Issue will be fixed in the next version.

Thank you for understanding

Regards Petr

Same problem here, and on colleague's device.

Thank you, we already fix and it's needed to wait for the next version

Thanks, Petr

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Hi Petr, thanks!  Great app by the way, best one I've used.  I can still create my layers in qgis and import to locus, but it's very useful to create layers from scratch in the field.  Will wait for the next version!


I have same problem when I add attributes to layer, app crashes.

This morning was released fix version 0.15.1 that solved this issue. The version will be available for update in the next hours in Google Play. 

Thanks, Petr

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