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Googlemaps Data not usable anymore

Hey, I used to implememt Googlemaps Satellite Maps to Locus via Locus map tweak. Since the nee Update, the online Maps from Google are not available anymore...was that planned?

Thank you for the service. Honestly it's not possible to add it into LocusGIS right now but I think that we should implement the support for WMTS till the next (full) version.  

Checked it for my Region (saxony - Germany). There are several governmental sources. But Locus cant read them.

I see. I can also suggest only several WMS services. BTW: do you know if there is any usable WMTS service?

Germany. I have implememted wms Data. But it ist much slower...

It depends. What country you're interested in, please? 

Oops, didnt know that. So at this Point there is no way to get any Satelliten-Images for my Projects?

I'm sorry but Map Tweak isn't developed by our team and isn't officially supported. Please contact developer of this plugin. BTW: this plugin very likely brakes terms of use of map providers.

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