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Import SHP file from google Drive


I recently started using Locus GIS. I have difficulties with importing a SHP file as a layer. 

Here are my steps:
1. Open project

2. go to layers

3. Add new layer -> Create new layer with imported SHP


When trying to open maps in google drive they are greyed out.

How do I access these maps to open the SHP files inside?

I have tried turning it off and on again ..


thank you for the message and the screenshot. It seems that files has empty size and also strange naming (there is no .shp extension). Are you sure that files we uploaded correctly to Google Drive? Would you please open Google Drive app and send me the screenshot of these file directly from Google Drive app?

Thanks, Petr

Thank you for your reply.

The files as shown above are shortcuts to maps. Inside these maps are the shp. files. 

I have not created these maps, and they need to stay on their location so that everyone has access. 

Can I switch these maps from shortcut to folder in my drive, without altering the map and connection it has in my collegue's drive?



thank you for an additional info. There was really problem in opening of "shortcut folders". We prepared a quick fix into today's new 1.11.0 version. The new version is in release process and will be available in next coule days. 

Thank you 


Hi Petr,

After the update everything is working as it should be!

Thank you!

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