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WMS layers not working

I am trying the basic version 1.3.0. It seems impossible to add WMS maps. I'm trying to use this spanish ortophoto wms map (it works smoothly on other apps): I add it to Maps through Manually add wms link. It says the process is successful. Then I add it to my project through the add wms map as overlay function. However, nothing happens. The map appears in the active list of layers but it does not show in the actual map. When I click on the three points to display the menu I dont get the "Settings" option which should allow me to select the correct wms layer. Is this because I use the basic version? Thank you


I'm sorry for the troubles. The mentioned settings is available in left panel layer menu. 

The Basic version it's limited only in number of data and map layers.

Thank you


Oh sorry, I didnt see it was there. My bad. Thank you very much, Petr!

No need to apologize. Current system isn't ideal and it seems that the settings for WMS layer is little bit hidden. We need to improve it. 

Thanks, Petr

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