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Problems with map layers


I've got not so specific troubles with background maps and overlays. I have offline LoMap and added WMS ortofoto. Usually I get in the view classic OSM map that i doon't even have in project layers, so the ortofoto is underneath and not visible.

I know the description is clumsy but seems like the maps rendering is kind of a mess.

OS: Android 9.0

If you suggest me an app i could record some video or gif...

I would like to suggest our team using the app, but so far I can't properly test it and recommend because of this issue.

Thanks, Jan

Dear Jan,

I'm sorry for the trouble. We have already noted this issue and have prepared a fix. Please wait for the next release - it is planned in the next 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for your understanding


Thanks, Petr. I'll wait for the next release and test it afterwards. I hope it get fixed. So far I had to restart the app to get map layers order what I was expecting. But the behaviour was hard to guess.

It definitely will be fixed. Thank you for patience and I'm sorry for these complications
Thanks, Petr

Looks that the new release 1.15 fixed the issue. Now it works as expected. Thanks

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