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lost connection via bluetooth GPS

Since the last update, I can't find the option in the settings to connect to my external GPS via Bluetooth (Garmin GLO2. Previously it was working well, and still available option on those devices that were not updated.

Is this deliberate, that this option was removed from standard (free) set up?

it should be still available in free level. Would you please open Menu > Sensor manager > Plus > Bluetooth > GPS > can you see any device for pairing?
Thanks, Petr

No. When I click on Bluetooth GPS it reply "Action 10706, no longer valid!"

ahh thank you. I'd have additional question: Did you open it from the Main menu > Sensors manager or from Menu > Settings > GPS & Sensors > Sensors manager? 

Either way I get the same result: the error message.

We released the new version 1.14.1 yesterday. Would you please update the app via Google Play and test if is or isn't issue fixed in the 1.14.1 ?
Thank you

Bug is fixed, works well again with external GPS. Thanks for solving it!

I'm glad to hear it. Thank you for testing and I'm sorry for troubles.

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