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Still problems with huge shapes

Error occured with ver. 1.12 with most polygons and lines was solved with update 1.12.2. But error with huge shapes (with more than 100 or 1.000) tiles still occurs. Very huge numbers of polygons (>1.000) are not visible, even when zoomed into one tile. Huge numbers (>100) are visible, but can not be labeled, even when extreme zoomed in. Also LG is much slower than till ver. 1.11.


I'd like to inform you that we released a new version 1.12.3 that fixes the problem with loading big SHP files

Thanks, Petr 

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Yes, I successfully uninstalled 1.12 and installed 1.11 from I had to import only settings. But just in case I made BACKUP ALL, with exporting every new editing layer to SHP. Just in case.

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Dear Petr, thank you for the soon reaction. Some SHP files have several 10.000 tiles, splitting would be hard work. Is there an easy possibility to install the older but fast and stable ver 1.11 without loosing any data? That could be the fastest way to continue my work. Jörg

Dear Jörg,

I'm very sorry for the troubles. I can confirm, there is really an issue with huge SHP files. We're working in fix version. I can only suggest to split files to the smaller ones...if possible.

Thank you for understanding and patience


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