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After Upgrade to 1.12.1 Lines or polygons aren't visible

Hi, after upgrading to 1.12.1 we see some errors in presentation of lines; points seems to be ok. All features are recorded by Locus GIS. Any idea about this?

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Hi Guys,

thank you for the info. I'm really glad that issue is solved and I'm very sorry for caused issues.

Please feel free to contact me with any further question or issue. 

Thank you for help and patience


Thank you!
@Petr, many thanks for your quick help and response! Well done


It's working well again

I really give you 5 stars for the quick response

Thank you very much for your service.








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Aaand it is the best GIS App again. Thanks for the really quick Work.
Yes perfect it work! Thank you so much, i need it tomorrow for a important work


I'm sorry we really did our best to fix it quickly and I'm glad to say that the new version 1.12.2 is released. Please update the app via Google Play and please let me know about progress.

Thanks, Petr

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Last Bug was fixed in between two days. Maybe this will take a bit longer. I think the developers are working really focused. Sometimes it Just Take its time.

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Excuse me Petr, but what mean "soon as possible" , one week one month?

Hi Petr, same problem importing polyline / multiline shp showing only one line instead of many and even previously imported multiline shp files now showing only 1 line out of many. Already submitted a ticket for this. Hoping will be fixed soon fingers crossed. 


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thank you for the post and I'm very sorry for the complications. We've already noticed this issue and we'll prepare the fix as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding

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