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Import QGIS project

 Dear developer,

have you thought about tool "import QGS to Locus GIS"? I know, that would difficult task, but fundamental step forward. This could help simplify the implementation of new feautures and consolidation in the future.

Thank you very much.

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thank you for the idea. Honestly we thought about it when we worked on Export to QGIS feature. Our idea was the same - to offer possibility to share data between QGIS - LocusGIS. But it's really a complex tasks and we little bit changed our thoughts. We discussed in the team any possibility how more automatize the data transfer between desktop and mobile device. The latest idea was use any server solution that would link desktop with mobile. There isn't any exact plan at this moment but we like for example GISQUICK project that could be used also for web presention...still only an idea...

Hi Petr,

thank you for your prompt reply. I fully understand, how complicated it must be. GISQUICK is very interesting (well, where Jachym Cepicky appears, there something exceptional is created).

Especially if you would manage to implement a workflow "QGIS Desktop - server (GISQUICK?) - import to Locus GIS for offline use", this was great. I know that is easier said than done :-).

In any case it turns out, offline solutions are still necessary.


Also very interested in this feature!

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