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Bring back "Add feature with offset"

 Even though it isn't a frequently used way of adding points, I think it was an awesome possibility, making LGIS even more versatile in terms of creating features. Is there any chance to see this option again?

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Do you mean the possibility to create point using 'projection' (to use Azimuth and Distance)?

Yes, that's what I thought about. :)

I'm sorry but I don't think that this is feature for GIS app. Do you really use it?

I don't often need this option, but I can imagine such situation when adding feature by "projection" is useful. If it's not a big deal to bring it back, then I think it better to have it on the list.

Thank you for an idea. It's open for votes (likes). Thanks

Thanks! How can one vote/like an idea? I can't see like buttons.

Can you see the "Do you like this idea" link in the top section?


It's not visible. Suppose because I cannot vote for my idea. :)

..that makes sense :)

I work along rivers and sometimes I have to position a point that is not accessible. This feature would be very handy for me. Why not use a small laser for even more precision? For me this possibility is important for a field GIS software! 

That's quite interesting usage. Do you think that the accuracy of created point will be acceptable for you (because the measuring of the azimuth) ? 

I think this feature can be very useful when you have to place one or more points on the map (trees that are on the other side of the river for example) without necessarily needing great precision

I see, I only wanted to say that it's needed to measure also the azimuth (orientation) and it may be less accurate.... Anyway idea changed to planned.  

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finally the offset is back in the latest LocusGIS version

Thanks, Petr

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