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Feature of taking photos inside datasets is great. Would be fine to have e feature to add other photos taken outside LocusGIS too (from internal Memory/SD-Card).

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Dear Jan,

thank you for this idea. I can understand you. At this moment it's not possible to add external attachment due to export to the qgis. I keep this idea open for voting. I think that we should come with some solution in the next year. 

Thanks, Petr


this idea was exist in version LGIS bita 0.12, you can add PDF and 3D as attachment file to feature in LGIS, but do not export to QGIS. this very useful to me. 

there is issue in attachment files, it is save in memory of phone with App date, that is take big size from phone memory, it is possible to save that in SD card? 

thanks, Ahmed

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You wrote it correctly. I was really possible to add external file or image from gallery as attachment in some old beta. But it could happen that user delete mentioned file or remove image from gallery.  It'd influence the project because the attachment was deleted. There is also question how to process an export into QGIS project in situation when user attached some big external file. Should  the app crate a copy of this file? Should the app omit it? For this reason we decided to remove this function until we find some ideal solution. Of course feel free to post you idea or suggestion. 

It's partially answered your question. The created attachments are stored only in the project dir - so basically in internal memory. 

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