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Option to set accuracy acceptance level for logging points with DGPS

For logging points on high accuracy level it would be helpfull having the option to an acceptance level down to a sub meter or even dm level. Its basically what Trimbles penmap offers but for my taste penmap is a pain in the ass. We use a TDC150 for placing devices on high accuracy level, preferred by korrected data on sub dm level. A colored target when the circle (point +buffer according to acceptance level) is found one is allowed to log, outside that circle logging will be denied. Especially of interest if the placement need to be at a predefined spot.

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I use Locus GIS + Lefebure NTRIP for RTK to locate points with centimeter-level accuracy. It would be great if I could do the same when measuring positions at the same level of accuracy. Currently we already have position averaging but still no accuracy filter. It is difficult when you already logged 90% of the required samples then 1 measurment has loss of FIX that raises the SD value of the computed average. As a result, I have to use another app for data collection.

Thank you for an idea. I can absolutely understand it and the feature request is marked as planned now. 

In the latest version of Locus GIS it's available a "Tolerance Manager" where is possible to set required parameters for accuracy, PDOP, GNSS Solution, number of satellites.  When creates a new point and the accuracy doesn't fit the defined tolerances, the app displays the warning dialog as shown below.

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