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Transfer Layer in another Project

 Hey (3rd one),

it would ne nice if the is a function to transfer one layer in another project, with or without the symbology.

Proceeded: Layers, that can be shared between project simultaneous. Ok thats maybe a little bit to ambitious, but i'm dreaming sometimes from an Locus which is working synchronously (check tips section).

More speedup :D

Best regards,


This was the last for now. Sorry.


transfer layer into another layer could be possible. The layer shared between projects would be quite tricky - maybe impossible. 

But we already thought about possibility to connect for example SHP to the project. I mean connect as external data source. So it would be possible that several project could work with the same SHP file (data source). Would it be interesting for you?


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Hey Petr,

this would be a better workaround than i could even imagine. I'm very interested.

This could open a way to work synchron. The SHP could be storaged in a googledrive folder, or not?


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