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Multi attribute edit of the selected elements

Problem: my Work in a area is done, so in a certain Attribute the Status have to get changed (lets say from undone to done). i have to change this Attribute in any collected geoobject one by one. It's a question of time when there are many objects i have to handle. Possbile solution: add a function to select all objects in a adjustable area (maybe like area-measure-function), when this is done a Dialoge opens where u can select the Attribute u want to Change It sounds much, but whit this function it would be much easier to work with big layers AND communicate trough the App in groups. I Hope u understand my issue.

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So you don't want to change attribute (name, type) but to enable multi edit of attribute value of selected features, am I right?


I see. Well please vote (thumbs up) for this idea. :)

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This could potentially be done within the attribute table.  Another feature request I saw was to add calculated fields such as coordinates or altitude as attributes.  If this was done then it would be possible to search a coordinate range within a given layer.  The final step is then to be able to multi-edit the filtered results.  Of course, this only allows spatial filtering based on squares or rectangles but the multi-edit functionality within the attribute table has many other uses too when multiple entries need to be updated.

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