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GEOJSON and Geopackage export and import for layers

I have recently crossed to Locus GIS ecosystem after years spent in Mapit Spatial. I found Locus intriguing and highly usable. Guys, I really appreciate tons of fancy features in LGIS. Kudos for all Community :-). The feature which would increase interoperability of LGIS with desktop GIS programs, especially when using long names of attributes, would be an Export/Import option using modern OGC formats: GEOJSON and GPKG. Would it be possible ? Thanks in advance.
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Dear Piotr,
thank you for an idea. It's seems that finally more and more users know and use the Geopackage format. To be honest we've been thinking about the support of GeoPackage for maybe the last 5 years. I personally prefer this format. But "the problem" is that nobody wants it (with a few exceptions). Most of our users still depend on the SHP format. And because there are more requested or higher priority ideas, we always defer support for GeoPackage. I can not promise when it'll be implemented but it's definitely planned and we'll increase the priority for this task.

Anyway, I can at least suggest the usage of the Locus GIS project database. All vector data of any project are stored in a single SPATIALITE database. Spatialite is a standardized format (GeoPackage is also spatialite db) and you can open it in QGIS or ArcGIS. The project database is located in LocusGIS_working_directory/projects/your_project_name/project.db
So it's possible to copy directly the database to PC (and vice versa) to avoid limitation of SHP format...

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