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Zoom in layer

Hello I have a layer that contains a group of lines. When I zoom in, the program becomes very slow

app becomes slow when you zoom-in or when you zoom-out to see all lines? Anyway would be possible to share with us the data you have in this layer, please?

Thanks, Petr

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Becomes slow when zoom-in The data is private, government, but this is a picture of it

Thank you for the screenshots. Could I ask you at least for more info about the layer, please?
- the background satellite map - is it Locus GIS online satellite map or is it any imported offline map?
- the blue vector lines - this is imported SHP layer or for example a WMS service?

Thanks, Petr

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The map is offline, it is mine. I converted it to mbtiles format, and the layer is also important and specific to my work. When I zoom in to distinguish the number of lines, it becomes very slow
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