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Problem with Selektion Attributes after (re-)import

Hi, I dont know If this is the right section for this issue. When i want to share a prepared layer with collected data (many Attributes of that layers let you choose out of a selection), the workmate which wants to complete my Work cannot use that layer like me because when they collect new data all the attributes get the Attributetype "Text". Why is that? Greets, Nick.

Hi Nick,

that's quite strange? How did you share the layer with your workmate, please? 



Let me do some testing if there are some differences. But i also had this issue when i wanted to migrate such layers from one project to another in my own device.
Here are some pictures to describe my Problem. Firstly, the Layer in Project "1" then exported to project 2 or to workmates project. The Type Office Attribute changes always to Text....

Ahh I see. So the problem is in the "Enumeration", "date" or "yes/no" attribute type. I guess that you exported layer as SHP file and imported it back as new layer on the second device, am I right? SHP file doesn't contain any info about enumeration or date. 

I would suggest to share whole project with you team. Finish your works > use the arbitrary file manager and copy whole folder /LocusGIS/projects/name_of_the_project_to_share to the second device. Start LocusGIS on the second device > LocusGIS checks the projects in the /LocusGIS/projects folder and 'import' whole project during start. 

It's not ideal solution for team work but it could help

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