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Object Coordinate Display, Verification and Extraction

When editing a point, the edit attribute form summarises the point's coordinates by default, although in decimal degrees format only.  When editing multi-points, lines or polygons, the coordinates of the points/vertices are not presently summarised in the attribute view and can only be verified by clicking on each point/vertex selecting edit location and then coordinates (unless I am missing something!?).

For quickly viewing and checking the coordinates of multi-point objects and line/polygon vertices, it would be nice if:

1. The vertices were numbered in the map view;

2. The coordinates of all vertices were summarised in the attribute form;

3. It was possible to configure the display format of coordinates in the general settings between decimal degrees, degrees and decimal minutes, or degrees minutes seconds;

4. There was an option to copy the shape coordinates to the the clipboard.

If a coordinate is found to be incorrect or needs to be adjusted, the numbered vertices quickly allow the relevant point/vertex to be identified in the map view and edited existing existing tools.

The use case is to simplify checking and communicating object coordinates to others e.g. by message or email, without having manually obtain this data vertex by vertex or export a GIS file which the recipient then needs to process to extract the relevant data.

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thank you for this idea. To your points:

add 1. and 2. - We have already thought about some sort of peak table that could be used to better guide (navigate) to a particular peak. Where the user could select a vertex to navigate from some table of all vertices.

add 3. I think the coordinate format could be taken from the project settings (as is already used for point coordinates).

add 4. well that's a pretty specific idea. I'm not sure if other users work/share coordinates directly as you mentioned. But I can understand you...

Thanks, Petr

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