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Cut, split - simple editing tools plus copying and pasting features

I can explain my idea with an example. The field worker is requested to survey dots and lines( it can be digitizing communal infrastructure for example) in a way that he will make separate lines between dots meaning one line has to be only between two dots. He rushed or something and made a line connecting 8 dots and gave values for attributes in the table. If there is a cut tool he can cut it on the dots and get separate lines. The only workaround for this is to give a comment in the attribute table that the line is not cut where it should be or redraw it again. Plus the lack of copy-paste features slows the work a little too. The app work just fine as it is and there are workarounds I am just saying that having both of these features in the app can make work much faster and reduces the time spent in the office editing the project.

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