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Some suggestions

We are a small company in NC, USA that performs soil surveys for septic systems. We use GPS daily and need sub-decimeter. We use a Trimble GPS unit with RTK running Locus. We've tried ESRI's Collector for capturing data points but it's inadequate as we are frequently out of cellular service. We also run SWMAPS on a different device. We do like your software but have a few suggestions that (to us) would be helpful: 1. Take a look at SWMAPS if you haven't already. They have some good features and overall ui is very simplistic and therefore quick to capture points. 2. Can you offer the option to default the point being captured to current location (or average, or offset, etc...). Scrolling over to the far left to collect each point is time consuming for us. 3. We need a simple way to capture a multi-segment line point-by-point. It seems that we can only capture movement for this right now We walk "flag lines" an need to stop at each flag (waypoint of sorts) and capture a line segment. 4. Since we have around 30 layers, we need a more efficient way to select the layer being captured ... Preferably simply remember and default to previous for the next point. Example: start on pink flag line. Select pink flag line layer, scroll left to location, click green chk;. For us, preferably would select pink layer once, then capture a point, walk to next flag, capture point, etc... Literally 1 click to capture after line is set. Maybe layer grouping somehow in the ui. Thank for your time and great app! Joel
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thank you for message and feedback. We know the SW Maps but honestly I can't remember if we ever used it for mapping. We'll try it :)
To your point or ideas:
2. Would you please try "Quick positioning"  It should at least partially help you. With this settings is the point location automatically submited.

3. It's possible to record line by "Flag point"
Select line layer from bottom panel > tap on "My Location" option for every vertex you want to record

4. I'm not sure I understand this idea? For example, do you mean sorting the bottom panel by the last layer used? BTW: are you inserting new points/lines in all 30 layers, please? Or are there some static layers that are not used for mapping?

Thanks, Petr

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