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OneDrive inaccessible when import / export files


I've experienced lack of OneDrive when trying to import project file (no OneDrive on source list). The same issue when exporting layer (as csv file for instance).

What is curious, when trying to add layer from template, OneDrive is available. After log in at this stage, OneDrive login is remembered and accassible in use cases above (but when trying to change data source, not accassible for choose again).

Device info: Android 11, Locus v. 1.17.0

Any ideas?



Thank you for the additional information. We would need to repeat and simulate this problem to solve it. Perhaps this is some specific device issue. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm afraid we can't solve it without simulation. Please let us know if this problem reoccurs.

Sorry, I can't do that. The mobile phone wasn't mine (the issue occured during the training I've conducted).

What was specific it this case - the list of data source wasn't ordered as on other devices, in 2 columns and 2-3 lines, but in 1 column, one source below another one.

I've tried to scroll down to find OneDrive but with no success.


Hi Dominika,

thank you for the message and I'm sorry for this complication. May I ask you to create a short video (eq. import project) when OneDrive is not available, pleas?

I can suggest the app AZ Screen Recorder for screen recording 

Thank you

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