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connect LGIS with drone to survey dangerous places

Dear Petr

My idea about connect LGIS with drone by four way

- Use LGIS to create plan mission survey without other drone mission apps and sharing this plan with colleagues by Dropox (see 3DSURVEY Pilot).

- Use LGIS to create plan mission survey, then export it to drone mission apps.

- Use LGIS to tracing drone, and sure drone survey selected area.

- Use drone by LGIS to survey dangerous places by drawing point, polygon, or        polyline and take photo attachment, drone become like my eyes to survey LGIS record data from drone.

What do you think about this idea? Is it work(technically)? do you have another idea?


Thank you for the idea. What would be the advantage of LocusGIS compared to dedicated drone survey software? I'm afraid this is a completely different area of usage and LocusGIS isn't probably ready for it.

Dear pert

drone survey apps (such as 3DSurvey, pix4d capture), it is not apps for drawing and collecting data from field, it is apps for take photos with plane, to use with photogrammetry software to make 3D model, my idea is made LGIS collecting data from dangerous places by just use camera and GPS of Drone, LGIS do not control Drone. I read some user feedback here about difficult to survey and collecting data from risk area, for that they suggest '' Add feature with offset''.

new feature of LGIS allow it to excess to camera and GPS DRONE, I discuss that with my colleagues I will be so useful feature. I see LGIS can contact with external GPS device by Bluetooth.

I do not know is that idea is workable (technically), that is your specialist, some idea is complex it is very important to keep LGIS easy to user.


Thank you for more information. Honestly we aren't familiar with drones. I still have a doubt how to control the drone from LocusGIS app, about transferring the data, etc. Mentioned offset should be called rather "polar tie" - the method to create point besed on angle and distance. Anyway, I'll keep it open for further discussion and votes.

Thanks for reply, as I said LGIS do not control the drone, control drone by free fly mode, my idea about contact LocusGIS with camera and GPS of Drone, LGIS feature allow to use GPS and camera (of drone ) as external device. there is feature (GPS device manager) in LGIS maybe development that feature to connect with GPS of Drone.


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