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Cannot export KML/KMZ

Hi, I've got a layer full of points and while I can export a shapefile to my google drive, I cannot export a KML/KMZ.  I get a brief flash of "Working" and then back to the first screen.

Android 12, Pixel 6 Pro.

Hi, Tom,

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the message. The problem has now been fixed - please wait for the next release. It is planned in the next 2 weeks.

BTW: is KML vital to you, please? How do you work with the exported KML file? Do you use it in any desktop software?



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Thank you Petr!

KML is vital in that it's the preferred format for my clients - easiest way to communicate to them realish-time from data collected on my phone.

Additionally, any chance of adding a field for accuracy (that's auto-populated on point collection) for each point or asset collected?

I see. I can only offer workaround with SHP file and QGIS. I mean to export collected data as SHP file > open SHP file in QGIS and save SHP layer as KML. 

Accuracy is available in the latest version - please open layer settings > attributes > PLUS button to add new attribute > select type > "Feature properties" > subtype "Vertical or Horizontal Accuracy". When save the new point (as current position) the accuracy is automatically saved in attributes.
Please see (Feature properties section) 

I'd like to inform you that the fix version 1.16.0 was release the last week. The problem with KML is solved.
Please test it and feel free to contact us in case of any further issue.
Thanks, Petr

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