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Raster support

Hi, first of all, thank you for your work. App is really nice for offline mapping campaigns. At the same time I think that would be nice support of raster layers. I think that not only in my case is the potential of online maps limited (CUZK WMS is not up to date) or I have a better layer (drone or aerial imagery). It would be fine to view these layers in Locus, similarly as in the QGIS. At least JPG/JPEG and TIFF (including geo-formating), additionally may be ASCII. Following the fact that images are usually large (tens or hundreds of MB), probably some rendering will be necessary. Many thanks for considering, Jan
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I think this feature request it's similar to - please vote for the old one.

Support for raster images it's little bit tricky. It's something what we also want, but it isn't easy task as seems to be. Anyway, there is a workaround - convert raster into raster ,mbtiles in QGIS.  Please see the article

Thanks, Petr