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Apply a location offset to a layer or to the real-time location feed

Hello. Perhaps we can add another feature to improve the current Guidance function. A way to apply a location offset by occupying a point with known coordinates (using position averaging) and applying the measured offset (known XYZ vs measured XYZ) to the succeeding location feed. Or, at least, a way to apply a location offset to a layer. This will be very helpful when we need to locate a set of points that has an offset of more than >10 meters.

Dear Mark,

I'm very sorry but I'm not sure I can understand your idea. Would you please describe me it again or some real use-case? If possible to send me some image that would describe it more detailed, please?

Thanks, Petr

Dear Petr, I noticed there is already a similar request entitled "Editing geometry (Moving whole feature)". I'm thinking of a simple way to offset a layer based on user-input values of ∆X & ∆Y, would be appreciated. Also, how do I close this request? Thank you. - Mark
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