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Error while creating new layers/projects since ver 1.12


since the new update i cant create new layers or projects anymore. The app just keeps crashing down. Every time i restart the app there are popups with "Project 'xyz' could not be loaded" BUT they work normally.

All other funtions seem to work properly.

What to do?

Bye Nick.

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Hello again,

I just want to say that I uninstalled 1.12, and installed LG  1.11 from "", restored backup (only settings) and LG works good like before.  And unchecked "auto  update" LG in GooglePlay  ofcourse :-)

Same problem was there before ... isn't ?

Despite the actual problems ... in my opinion LG is still best GIS app for android, and you are doing good job.

1.12.2 -  I checked my default project and adding polygon and point - works O.K. (Moto G7, Moto G9)

@Marcin, great thank you for info.


Yep its working again. I have an other thing, but make a new topic.. Thx
Function of saving a project as template is gone?

Unfortunately this feature was accidentally released (with another testing features) in fix 1.12.1 last Friday and this feature isn't ready for official release. For this reason we had to remove it from the latest 1.12.2. Anyway it's almost finished and I think we'll released in the next full version.
Thanks, Petr

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