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Error while creating new layer with template


while creating a new Layer with a template an error occures when i want to change the geometry-type of the new layer. This must be a new error. I had no problems with that in the past.

Bye Nick.

Dear Nick,

thank you for the post. There is very likely caused due to new styling possibilities for Lines/Polygons. We'll check it.

Thanks, Petr

Dear Nick,

this issue should be also fixed in the latest release. Please test it.

Thank you


Tested it,

my general template (made for mainly polygons) works now with lines, but the app kepps chrashing while i want to switch to point.

Checked also the opposite (template for point layers), i this chase, i can change to any other style without chrashing.

You're right. We'll fix it. Thank you for the test.


Id like to inform you that the latest 1.12.3 should fix the mentioned issue. 

Thank you for the report


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Works fine.

Great, thank you

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