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'Screen lock' function button not working

Screen lock function button is not working. I have added it to 'top panel' list. Nothing happens when I tap it. Screen is not locked.

Thank you for the message. It really doesn't work.  Anyway, did you use it before, please? Or do you know this feature from LocusMap? I only want to know how vital is this feature for you because it shouldn't be available in LocusGIS. :)

Thanks, Petr

Well, the first time I would had been like to use it, was a few days ago. I searched for objects on the ground based on point features I have in my layer list. I held my phone with one hand, and held a camera with the other. I set the zoom to an adequate zoom level, so I didn't have to touch the screen for zooming/panning. As I found an object, I had to take pictures of it with the camera, and sometimes I had to change position of the phone in my other hand to a more comfortable holding. And this position change resulted in touching the screen with my fingers unattendedly. I noticed that I opened feature info, or panned/zoomed my map, or opened settings/menus. :) That's why I wanted to lock the screen. I think I can live without it, but i thought it would had been a useful setting.

Hi Zvara,

I found this old topic. The issue is already fixed. Please feel free to test it and please contact me in case of any issue.

Best regards


Working, all fine. Easy to deactivate. Thank you!

Great, thank you for the message.

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