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App crashes when import the SHP file

Some SHPfiles are not possible to import in 1.8.0 version. App crashes when select SHP for import.

UPDATE:   Issue fixed in 1.8.1 version

Had the same problem. After updating to 1.8.1 shapes can be imported but are not shown in map. When trying to zoom on it it tells 'no extend'.But: hen editing from attribute table: swingle point is shown correctly.


thank you for the message and I'm sorry for the troubles. Would you please send me the mentioned SHP file. I'll check it.  If possible please create a new topic or send it as private ticket.

Thank you


Hi Jan,
are you still facing the issue with the SHP file, please? Can you share the SHP file, please? 

Thanks, Petr

Hi Peter, attached shp layer after last update stop to show borders. Before update was everything ok. Could you check it please. Thanks
(257 Bytes)
(143 Bytes)

Hi Jan,

there is already a bug in the latest version when some lines and polygons aren't displayed -
We'll prepare the fix ASAP

Thank you for understanding


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