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Drawing layer

Dear forum members,

I really appreciate the ability the app's function to draw on screenshots. I would also like to be able to draw directly on the map, in a kind of "drawing layer". This feature would be particularly useful when mapping breeding birds, where normally many different symbols and signs are used. In the end, it would also make digitization easier.

The Problem with mapping with printed maps are, on the one hand, inaccuracies in orientation, especially inside large forests, and, on the other hand, a lack of contrast and information compared to digital maps. Additionally, paper maps can be quite a misery in the rain..

So what is your opinion on a "drawing layer"?
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honestly I'm not sure if this is ideal solution of your problem. Maybe that we already discussed it - how many icons  (type of breeding) would be needed to cover all possibilities? I mean we're planning the feature that point would have custom icon based on attribute value. I'm thinking if such feature could solve your issue.

Thanks, Petr

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