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Copy-Paste in another layer

 Hey (2nd one),

it would be nice if there is an function to copy-paste single (or multiple) geobjects from layers which have the same template an object-type (poly, line, point).

No more need to repeat your digitalising-process to transfer your data from one in another layer. It would speed the wohle thing up.

Best regards,


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it makes sense. Thank you for useful idea.



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I did some testing with the application and I think would be great feature to have in the paid version, not only in other layer but in the same layer as well, so we dont have to put in the same information all over again. 

Can I suggest expanding this to general layer management tools.  I sometimes create an object but accidentally select the wrong layer to create it in, it would be nice to be able to move it to another layer instead of having to delete it and start again.  Similarly if I want to subdivide the objects within a layer into two layers.  Perhaps from the attribute editing screen there could be a dropdown menu where the layer could be selected with a separate tick box indicating whether to move or  duplicate it. If the default (current) layer is not changed but the box is ticked to duplicate it, then it has the effect of duplicatiing the object within the same layer.  Just a suggestion.

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