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Filter function


it would be very nice if there is an function to filter and show only the filtered objects based upon a simple choise of a certain attribute values.

For example:

Layer with certain polygons. One attribute is "year". I often map objects with different values (2020, 21, 22, 23, ...). It's neccesary for my job. But usually i only need to show the current year in my daily workflow.

This tought one step further it would be also nice to export only the shown/filtered objects to my coworkers...

I know, there is an workaround for a part of this issue. Generate layers for each year. But this would get out of hand when there are already 25-30 layers in one project...

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at this moment it's possible to filter data using attribute table  but it isn't possible to display the result of search/filter on the map.  There is definitely space for improving and we could add possibility to display the results on the map.. Anyway, you'd require something like "permanent filter" for specific layer, am I right?



I see... I'll keep it open for voting..

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Up! I think this Feature is really neccecary, Not only for myself.
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