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Styling with alternative units - meters, pixels

Select the unit (pixels, millimeters, meters) for the size of a point.


thank you for an idea. It's make sense, thank you

I'd like to inform you that this feature is implemented and available from the previous version.

Thanks, Petr

Thank you very much Petr. I saw that the diameter of the circles has a limit of 20 meters, is it possible to expand this coverage? I need to cover areas of 700 meters maximum... Anyway, great job Petr, congratulations and thank you very much for this great job...

I see that makes sense. We'll try to improve it in any further version.



I'd like to inform you that we release a new version 1.11.0 that enable to set arbitrary size of symbol. 

The new version is in release process and will be available in next coule days. 

Thank you 


I am pleased with the news that you bring us Petr... Thank you very much and congratulations for this great application ...

I'm glad to hear it, thank you :)

Hello Petr, this function doesnt work anymore in Android 8. I using an old version rigt now... 1.16.0 that work fine...


could I ask you for more information? What exactly is not working?
Thanks, Petr

I can't set the units in meters, only in px Petr...

I see, thank you for the report. We'll prepare a fix version.

Thank you Petr...
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