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Categorized layer style

Hello team, it would be very nice if there will be added a feature, which allows me to choose an attribute and for each unique entry LocusGIS will choose an other colour to show on Map. I.e. there is an attribute called day of week and the unique entries are monday, tuesday, wednesday, ... now the layer style should show all features with monday in yellow, all features with tuesday in green, and so on! this would be a very cute option!

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Hi Christian,

thank you for the feature request. Such feature is already planned. I hope that we'll be able to implement it during Q4 this year. 

Thank you, Petr

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Hello Petr, thank you for your response. This is great. I am looking forward to get this ability! Best regards, Christian
Hatching Symbols for Polygons will be a bonus with this feature.

Hello team, the categorized display in a layer based on different attribute values would be an significant and useful extension of the Locus GIS app. I hope you can install this extension soon.
Best regards

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I use Locus GIS for geologic mapping. This works, but if symbolization could be tied to the value of a particular it would work much better.  

It is also a great idea when you import a lot of dots or lines in a project, for now only workaround is to set a label for the edited feature , but it gets too clustered, in this way you will just have to enter a value for an attribute and the color will change so you would know that you have edited that feature and continue to the next, it is much faster and simpler for the surveyor.


finally the categorized styling feature is here in latest beta 1.21.0 version. Please update the version in Google Play (in case you aren't a beta tester visit the link and submit beta testing program)
Please feel free to test and report potential bugs

Thanks, Petr

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