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Project copy

It would be nice when it is possible to copy (and in the copy process to rename) the project. Now i make a new project and import the layers i have exported from an other project. But in this process very often later data isn't importeren correctly. Or is there an other fast way to copy a project, of where i am not aware of? Thx forum replay/reaction.


thank you for an idea. We already thought about possibility to export and import project (in GUI) that could be used also as copy of existed project. Anyway you can use following workaround until we implement better solution. 

  • Use a arbitrary file manager 
  • Navigate to the folder /LocusGIS/projects
  • Copy&Paste (duplicate) whole folder of project you want to copy
  • start the app

LocusGIS scan the 'projects' directory during start and automatically import existed folders/project. You have to only rename the project in the Menu > Projects

Thank you


That works partly. I did so, and when opening the project it looks (!) ok, but when i go to the layers of the project i get a "oeps" message.

That's strange. Is it any data layer, please? Would you please send me such 'copy' of project. We'd check it. Please create new private ticked and send me the .zip file of folder with your project. Thank you Petr

I have made a project with the name "basis". With the file manager i copied the project (the map gets the name basis(1).

In LocusGis i see twice basis...(so i can't actualy see which one is the original. Both names are written in red (i realised later). So i pick the project which is the lowest in rage and rename it. Result: Both projects are corrpted..

I deleted the project, Now i make a new project and import the layers of an previous project.

I Als o tried to rename the two files which are in the projectmap so they match with the name of the project, but then i don't see the project in LocusGis at all...

The error appairs as i select the layer-icon to manage the layers.. Then the "oops" comes and none layer is shown.


When i have some time i will do it again and sent you the projactflies..

That's weird. I can only suggest the close project (see image bellow) > close app > make copy of the project folder > start again

Anyway, this is only a temporary solution until we release better possibility how to copy project using template or via project backup

Great, thx.  About the Backup manager: at this moment only ALL projects are being saved in one time. A single project can't be saved, am i right?
Would also be a nice feature: backup or save a single project... :-)

Yes, backup feature do 'backup' of all projects. Anyway, I can understand your needs. Good idea :)

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