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Compass arrow icon when standing still in north up map mode

In north up map mode, not rotation map, currently the cursor changes from circle to arrow at 0.6m/s speed.  What I would like is that under 0.6 m/s an arrow is displayed that is reading the devices built in compass not the GPS, so when you are standing still you can point the device and see what direction you are looking on the map; this is very helpful as I have used it in other software (Backcountry Navigator).  Maybe the compass arrow could be a different color or style than the GPS based arrow so users know it is based on the device compass not the GPS.  You could have an option to turn this feature on and off.  Also this feature is only needed if you are using north up map mode.  If your map is rotating the map already points in the direction of the device.  This feature is basically a hybrid of rotating and north map modes; the benefit of rotating map while working in north up mode!.  

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