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Google-Drive Data


my coworkers and me are working together by using GoogleDrive. When there is a new coworker who would like to work with the App, i invite him/her in my GoogleDrive-folder. There was never any problem in the past.

Since some weeks the newly added coworkers cannot see/share the data with GoogleDrive in the App (outside the App, they CAN see the data...).

They only see the foldername but no data is connected to this folder.

Why is that?



Hi Nikc,

that's quite interesting. I'd suggest to try logout/login the first step. Please open any import/export screen > and on top menu of Google Drive section choose - Logout. After that login again and check the folder. 



We already have tried this solution, multiple times, on two different devices with two different gmail-accounts.

I've asked my coworker for a screenshot to show you this "bug".


Here you see the problem


Hi Nick, 

thank you for the info and for the screenshot. I'm sorry but I have ask another additional question: Are you sure that your co-worker added the shared folder into his Google Drive? Please see the section "Add to my drive"

Thanks, Petr

The Data is shared and connected with "my-Drive" on thier Google-Drives. They have full access to the shared folder OUTSIDE Locus. We had already checked this in their Google-Drive apps.


would you please check if there is another file (I guess any Google Doc document) named as 'Locus_GPS' in the Google drive of your coworker? If yes,  could you please rename it?

Thanks, Petr 


I've checked that on my wifes phone. She has several other folders in her my-drive and the App have access to them but not in my Locus folder...

OK. Anyway, would you please send me a screenshot from the Google Drive app of your wife/coworker where is visible the added shared folder, please? I'm sorry's really weird. Thank you for understanding


 It seems like i have found a solution. I've marked the Locus folder in the my-drive, after thati have access on my wifes device...

I'm sorry but could I ask you for more information, please? What steps did you performed? Thanks Petr

In english it is called "starred" sorry...

Step 1: Share Folder with coworker.

Step 2: Coworker adds the shared folder to his myDrive. (not available in Locus)

Step 3: Coworker mark the folder as starred. (available in Locus)

BUT, when the folder is "de-starred", the folder stays available in Locus...


ahh that's quite interesting and...strage. Anyway, good to know. 

Thank you and I'm sorry for troubles 


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