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Option for auto confirm after placing feature.

 If I collect data of different types (e.g. different species) in the field, sometimes the workaround would be faster if it would auto confirm after placing the feature, and the attribute from appeared immediately. This could be a tickbox option in the menu (next to quick drawing, enable snapping).

I'd like to inform you that this feature is implemented (from version 1.8.0). Please see    

Enjoy it :)  

Awesome, thank you for implementing the idea! :)
Is it intended, to ignore "quick positioning" when placing feature(s) by "quick drawing"?

Thank you and yes, it is.  Our idea was that "Quick draw" doesn't select exact position and would be fine to submit the location. Do you think that's wrong approach?

Well, it's okay then. Actually, I rarely use "quick drawing" to place features, so I can live with this solution without any problems. :) I just thought that "auto confirm" would affect every feature placing method.

Although if I think about it more thoroughly, you are right. If I just tap on the map for "quick drawing", sometimes the placed feature needs to be revised and slightly re-positioned. "Quick positioning" would eliminate the chance to revise the "quick drawed" feature.

Even though I can even imagine situations where the inaccuracy of "quick drawing" is negligible, and "quick positioning" would fasten this way of data-colletion aswell. But it's indeed a very rare situation, so I would say, leave it as is. I think is't already a very useful feature. :)

I see, we thought about it in the similar way. And for this reason we decided to not enable the "quick positioning" for "quick draw".

Thanks, Petr

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