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Changing the list order of attributes

Is there any way to change the order in which the attributes are listed for a given layer. I created a number of attributes, but the last one I created (appears at the bottom of the list) I would like to appear at the top.  I tried dragging them (same method as for changing the layer order) but it didn't work.  It seems like I need to delete all of the attributes and enter them again in order in which I would like them to appear, which is a pity.

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Hi Robin,

unfortunately it's not possible at this moment. Anyway I can understand your needs and it can be useful. I change your question into idea. So you (and other users) can vote for it .

Thank you


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Many thanks Petr - super responsive. I'm impressed!

I'd like to inform you that this feature is implemented (from version 1.8.0). Please see

Thanks, Petr

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