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Ability to combine fields in the feature label

The autonumbering of fields is a great feature but it would be even more useful if the user could add a text prefix or suffix to the auto-numbered portion so that it can be used as a more meaningful label to display on the map. The prefix/suffix could either be manually entered or better still, use another field.  

Alternatively, keep the autonumbered field as it is, but allow a combination of fields to be used as the feature label  with  separator {none, space, -, /}

e.g. using the example of trees in a forest.  The user may want to sequentially number all trees in the wood. One layer would be created "Trees" using a point style.  An enumerated field could be used for the Tree species (oak, ash, chestnut etc) and another enumerated field for the tree's health (dead, alive). The label could then be set as {attribute 1 } { separator} {attribute 2] which the user selects.  So the user might chose {number} { - } {species} e.g. 65 - Oak, or {species} { / } { health }  e.g. Chestnut / Dead

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the idea with postfix/suffix it quite interesting. We already also thought about possibility to enable two column labels but in little bit different way. The idea is ready for user's votes :)

Thanks Petr

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