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Add attachment file from outside LocusGIS_fix problem

At first happy 2020 

Hi Petr, I have idea about fix attachment files from outside LG, when export to QGIS or other software, you can add empty folder in side LG-data, than user put any attachment file in that folder, than from App-feature-add attachment-attachment folder-select file that is great connect between file and feature, and all attachment file become inside LG by remove it to empty folder in LG-data, users can add by copy & past or move any file to empty folder inside LG.



Dear Ahmed,

thank you and I also wish you all the best in 2020. Regarding you idea - I'm not sure maybe it's too complicated to require some manual copy of files.  It's maybe would be better to allow select external file and copy it to the export folder when user use feature export to qgis.


Hi Petr

thanks, I am user not good in technical problem, your are decide that. as for copy and paste file user can do it from his phone to folder for outside attachment file which it is already exist in App, than use just open LG and made contact file with feature, when select Add Attachment File App just open the folder inside App which it is including outside file. App donot made attachment with file outside LG-data. I hope me idea is clear. in any case, I use attachment file like PDF or 3D-file in field just for view, I would not export that file because I already have it in my laptop, I can made attachment file in ArcGIS or QGIS if I want that.

I am always looking forward to see new and upgrade in LG.

with all best wishes


I see but the problem is when user select any external image as attachment. It should be also exported to the folder with QGIS export to be able display it in QGIS. So your idea make sense for example for PDF attachment, but main benefit when export data to qgis is that you can display it in QGIS. And the question is what to do if user select for example big media files.


l have mmd file template and want to work with it on LG, how can l import it into LG and have it manipulated?


To be honest we aren't familiar with mmd format. Would you please give us more info about this format? Anyway, LocusGIS doesn't support any *.mmd format.
Thanks, Petr  

I'd like to inform you that in the latests version is possible to add any file from file system as an attachment. During export is the attachment copied from original folder to the export destination
Thanks, Petr

thank you Petr.

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