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Export problem


When I create a project with some fields, exporting the project to QGis or using the .db file directly works very well.
Then, if I want to improve the projet in Locus Gis by adding one or more fields, when I make a new export these new fields are not visible in QGis.

They are visible when I open the .db with DB-Browser for example but not in QGis attibuts table.
In QGis, these fields reappear by right-clicking on the layer "update the SQL layer", but this lock the layer and editing becomes impossible.

If you have a solution, I am very interested.



I'm sorry but I'm not sure if I can fully understand. 

>  when I make a new export these new fields are not visible in QGis. 

Do you directly copy project.db to the PC or do you use 'Export to QGIS' feature ?

Honestly I'm not so familiar with QGIS but maybe it's needed to select "Geometry" column when "update the SQL layer" 

Regards, Petr

Hi, (really sorry, my english isn't very good !).

I will try to explain better with screenshots from one of my projects.


I temporaly resolve my problem by exporting layer as model. I create a new layer with this model. Then in QGis I copy/paste inital datas. I copy/paste the project.db in LocusGis repertory and I continue editing.


thank you for detailed explanation, but I'm not sure I can help you. 

Honestly this is more related with QGIS, not with the Locus GIS. The project.db contains the data but the problem is how to refresh the QGIS spatialite connection. I can only suggest to try following 'workaround'

  • Feature Export to QGIS exports also the project file .qgs - please open this file when you move exported project to the PC
  • I would also try to remove and add again the spatialite layer in qgis  (when the project.db file is updated)

Thank you


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