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Maximum project size


I'm mapping the city amenities and other elements and it is obvious that the project will be about 50 GB in size (it contains many photos). Should I assume some problems with backing up/exporting the project to QGIS, or is the app tested with similarly sized projects? Or is there any limit for writing zip files? The device storage is large enough (256 GB).

Thanks for the answer.

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Hi Daniel,
I know that some users have projects of 5 - 10 GB. I'm not sure if there are users with a 50 GB project. Technically it is not a problem to have a project of that size. However, the export is problematic. The application always copies and packaging data, but also attachments, and this can be quite a time consuming task. 

Personally, I would recommend splitting the map project into several Locus GIS projects (if possible).

Thanks, Petr

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