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Importing shapefile from QGIS


I am new to Locus GIS, and I have a 'newby' question on importing shapefiles. I am doing something wrong, can you please help me?

I created a shapefile (manually) in QGIS and exported this to the device memory of my android device: ....\Phone\LocusGIS\data\import. 5 files are stored: .cpg, .dbf, .prj, .shp and .shx

I (try to) make a new project layer via 'Import SHP file' and then choose the .shp file. Then I press confirm and I get the message 'process unsuccessfull'.

I tried to change the parameters in the 'Import SHP file screen'  but nothing seems to work. 

Thanks in advance,


Dear Martinus,

would you please share the SHP file (all mentioned files)? I'll check it.

Thanks, Petr

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Hi Petr,

Thanks for your answer. The shape file are includen.

Kind regards, Martinus

(5 Bytes)
(132 Bytes)
(148 Bytes)
(425 Bytes)
(462 Bytes)


I'm sorry but your SHP file is somehow broken. There are 4 records in .dbf table, but no geometries in .shp file. I'm sorry but this isn't a valid SHP file. Please try to create it again.

Thanks, Petr

Hi Petr,

Thanks for finding out! And shame on me ;-(.

I will do my homework again.

Kind regards,


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