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A few Map Questions-Rotation and Google Earth

 I have a couple of questions.

First, how do I keep North to the top of my tablet?  Today my projects are rotating and I can't seem to get them oriented properly.

Second, can I download or connect to Google Earth or Bing terrain, road or hybrid maps?




to keep North please tap twice on the centering ("My location") button. It has two functions: center your position and rotate the map.

Regarding the Google Maps or Bing maps. I'm sorry but these maps aren't supported in the LocusGIS app. When it comes to terrain map - please try for example map from "Maps > Online > OSM Other > OpenTopoMap. I can also suggest to download offline LoMaps via Menu > Maps > Offline > PLUS button > download offline maps > and download any LoMap for country/state you're interested in.

When it comes to satellite map - what country you're interested in, please?



Thanks for this information.  I'm in the United States and generally all my needs are in the states of Georgia and Alabama.

Hi Jan,

I can suggest to use USGS map for US.  Maps > Online > USGS. Please check USGS Topo map (scanned) as terrain map and USGS Ortophoto as 'satellite' map


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