In this article, we describe how to map and collect new data.

Create a new data layer

In the first step is needed to create a new layer where collected data will be saved. Please see the article Add new data layer

Please define especially the type of feature geometry you want to collect - a point, line, or polygon and the feature attributes.

Mapping new features

Select layer to map feature

  • To start the mapping tap on the PLUS button 
  • In the second step select the layer you want to use for saving the new feature (2)

Set location

There are several possibilities to set the new location of point or vertex of the new features. 

Point layer

  • "My Location" - set the current position of your device
  • "Screen center" - set the coordinates of the current position of the center cross. So you can pan map to select the desired location.
  • "Coordinates" - option to set directly the specific coordinates

Line or Polygon layer

  • "Record new line/polygon" -  enables to record line or polygon using the movement of your device
  • "My Location" - set the coordinates for every vertex based on the position of your device 
  • "Screen center" - set the coordinates of vertices based on the position of the center cross
  • "Coordinates" - option to set directly the specific coordinates of the vertices

When the location is defined, submit it using the check button (3). In the case of recording of the movement is needed to finish the recording first.

Define the attributes

The last step is to set the values for each attribute and save the new feature