With this feature, it's possible to export the whole project as the QGIS 3.x project. It helps to use the data on a PC in powerful and free GIS SW. The main benefit is the usage of attachments created in the field in the office on the PC.

Project Export

  • Open Main Menu >Projects
  • Tap options of the project you want to export
  • Select "Export to QGIS3" (1)

  • In the next dialog, you can change (2) the destination for the export. It's possible to export the SHP file into local memory or on Cloud. Dropbox and Google Drive are supported. Please see more info about the export location

Export to qgis select location

Open project in QGIS

Firstly, it is needed to copy the whole exported folder to the PC. You can copy data via USB or use the mentioned cloud services for sharing data between the device and the PC. The export folder contains :

  • file project.db - an internal Locus GIS SQLite DB database that contains the data
  • file project.qgs - QGIS project file (open this file on the PC to load the project in QGIS)
  • folder attachments - contains your images, records that are used as attachments in the project

All these files and folders have to be copied to the PC. Finally, open the *.qgs file to launch the project in QGIS.

Display attachment in QGIS

  • Open QGIS project
  • Open Actions menu and select "Attachments"
  • Click on any feature (geometry) with attachment to display the attachments

QGIS action attachments

Known limitations

  • Only vector layers are exported. Nor the WM(T)S, nor any map layers are not defined in QGIS export
  • The style of the layer isn't exported. The elements can have arbitrary color and style in QGIS