This article provides information on how to create a new project for your fieldwork and data collecting.

Create a new project 

To create a new project, follow these steps:

  • From the Menu open Projects
  • Tap on the green PLUS button 
  • Project settings

  • In the project settings window, define the name of the project (1), description (optional) and coordinate reference system (2) of the project. To change the coordinate reference system (CRS), tap on the name of predefined CRS - for more info see the section below. You can also change the icon of the project - tap on the default icon to change it (3). All these parameters can be changed later via Project settings.
  • Finally, confirm the settings dialog (4) to create the new project.

Select Coordinate reference system

You can search (1) CRS by name or by EPSG code. To select the CRS, simply tap on the name (2) on the list.