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Workaround to work "synchronously"


i have found a way to work (or share) sync-a-like with the app, without exporting single layers (shp) manually. Ok, you need the app "DriveSync" (one time payment), but that's all.

DriveSync will generate a folder in your GoogleDrive to share your project data. Within the app there is an option if the other device should only read the data or if the other device can override it.

The only thing you have to do is to close Locus on the receiving device. Export/Synchronize on the sending device. Then run DriveSync on the receiving device (it will override the project data on that device), then reopen Locus. After that workaround  your coworkers/receivers can see or work with exactly the same work progress you have done on you own device. No manually sharing and implementation of single shp-data and adjustment of symbology.

It's a huge improvement for my daily working experience and might be useful for you too.

OK, it is not too simple to manage within bigger groups. If applied false, data could be lost if you want to operate in both directions. But for me it is essential, that not only me and myself can operate with my collected data when it is about to work with more complex projects on Locus.

Ps: that's not a commercial thread, but i'm curios if some of you are looking for this "function" too...

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Great idea, thank you for sharing!


Great idea, thank you for sharing!

In my company we are doing the same with OneDrive and OneSync Ultimate (same like DriveSync but for MS). For sure it's only a workaround. It fails if several guys are syncing simultaneously (newest overwrites all...). In long terms I'm more interested in some true online collaboration or at least in integration of data of several (LGIS or other) databases into one project (as known from desktop GIS).

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